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Diego Martin Credit Union
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The DMCU was registered as a Co-operative Society with the Commissioner for Co-operative Development on July 12, 1947. It's initial Bond Of Association or Common Bond was " people living or working in the Ward of Diego Martin. The Ward of Diego Martin stretched from Maraval in the east to Chaguaramas in the west.

The decades of the 60's at +0's saw the Ward of Diego Martin expanding rapidly as both a desirable place of residence and an ideal place to locate or establish business enterprises. The founders of DMCU realized that, notwithstanding the growth of Diego Martin, the area was underserved with respect to convenient and apathetic access to basic financial services. The DMCU was thus born to provide said services to the ordinary working man and woman from an entity they owned, managed and controlled.

Over the early years the people of Diego Martin embraced the credit union and it expanded from its Head Quarters at Golda Meir Gardens, Four Roads to open branches in Maraval, Carenage and the Diamond Vale Plaza. The economic challenges faced by Trinidad and Tobago in the 80's and 90's forced the credit union to right size and close its branches as ordinary folks had to focus on survival as their first priority. The period following this saw some decline in the fortunes of the Credit Union until 2014 when a new Board and Management were recruited to ensure the organization's survival and subsequent expansion and since then the credit union has been stabilized and is on the way back to it's former glory.

The Credit Union has embarked on a Rebranding Exercise that is seeing a pleasing upgrade of the physical facilities, the greater employment of technology for the convenience of members and attraction of a younger cohort and a marketing and promotion campaign designed to heighten the profile of the credit union and cement it's place as a leading credit union in the Co-operative sector.

At the end of the rebranding exercise most of the credit union's services will be accessible online including membership and loan applications. These services will include Financial Counselling, Credit Facility Structuring, Personal and Business Loans, Insurances, Term and Ordinary Deposits, Thrift Clubs, Sou Sou's, Education and Skills training and a variety of social activities.

The DMCU of the future is geared to provide a full suite of products and services to the Diego Martin family in a manner cognizant of advances in technology and in keeping with the evolving needs of a fast-changing society.