Registration Process

Our Registration Process

Step 1: Create an online account.

To get online access you firstly have to create an online account. Click here to start the process. Fill the supplied form click register then you will receive a email with a link to confirm your email address.

Step 2: Verify your online account?

Once you've received the verification email there will be a link you are required to click to confirm your email address. Once that is completed you will now be able to login to the online platform and being the process to gaining access to your membership.

Step 3: Login to gain access.

At this Step you will be presented with two options.

  • 1. Enter your Member number.
  • 2. Enter create a new application.
If you are already a member enter your member number and click send or if you are a new member select the option to submit an application. Once you have entered your member number or completed the application form your information will be sent to the credit union to be verified.

Step 4 Credit Union Verification

The Credit Union will receive your membership number or online application and firstly review / confirm the information submitted. They will then make contact to confirm the information with you directly. Then once everything is in order you will be granted online access approval. You will receive a confirmation email and and now you will be able to gain access to your credit union financial information.